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We are proud to perform in AGF again.
SAWADA+HARADA+SASA is on AvantGarde Festival 2017


We came back as
more experimental, more interactive, more musical...




"Morihide SAWADA" (Snare Drum)

Studied composition on his own.
Worked with the music magazin "MARQUEE" as a writer and an editer.
Played and recorded with "YURA YURA TEIKOKU" "MARBLE SHEEP" as a drummer.
Started improvisation performance on percussion and voice.
He composed multi-recording pieces, collaborated with visual artist.

From 2011, He started playing just one snare drum.
But he adopted Japanese feeling, African rhythm, sense of minimal techno and ambient atmosphere for his music.
He can offer joy of acoustic experimental sounds from just one snare drum.
Its music has received strong influence from traditional folk music and minimalism.

In a typical show, he improvises off of a motif for every part.
In a usually unbroken 15~30 minutes song,
He concentrates all his senses on the simple sound of the snare drum.
This creates a “monotone sound trip” with the audience.
But he makes the music that the audience can get a colorful image of.
Because he manipulates some handmade mutes and some mallets carefully.

Sometimes, he plays under the complete acoustic condition.
With a non-microphone and non-PA system.
In this case, he prefers to play at the floor level near the audience, whenever possible.
So the audience can hear detailed expressions.
… as well as for considering the border line between himself and others.

He used electric devices for snare drum when he made the studio version.
It's totally different from live performance.
Now, he is planning for using electric effects for live performance too.

"Kouhei HARADA" (MaxMSP)

Y.O.B 1983. Sound Artist. Max expert.
Graduate in anthropology of Tamagawa Univ.
diff. / diff.live / Turm Design Works.

He was influenced post-modernism, and started composition.
His activity is "local circulation, minimum, and also based on the thought "macro views and small activities".

He deconstructs existing sound envelopes, and reconstructs as renewed samples by using MaxMSP and micro processing in real-time/non-real-time.
And he puts many fragments suitably and randomly, this sound is like glitch, but is has acoustic ambience.
And also he is engrossed in an expression of Multi-CH Audio and Projection Mapping, so he started his own project "diff." and "diff.live" in 2012, sounds and visuals performed by using self-made speakers and self-made application. Currently visual part is created by Shohei Sasagawa.

He is also organizer of a concert series "(an) arrangement(s)" (2008-2016)
This event is a representative event of tokyo's experimental scene, many overseas artists played.

Major Activities (includes collaboration)
"Tokyo Experimental Festival #8", "diff. / solo exhibition", "OnsenOngaku 2010 / Hot-Spring Music Festival", "Avantgarde Festival 2007", "Räume / trio exhibition", "Fair Slices / Cristian Vogel remixes", Australia Tour 2009 and 2016", "Kougen 2016 / Japanese Cultural Festival", "utsuroi / daisuke miyatani ensemble", "UYU 2017" etc...

"Shohei SASAgawa" (MaxJitter)

D.O.B Jul 1983. Visual Artist. Max expert.
Graduate in anthropology of Tamagawa Univ.
NOMAD / Turm Design Works / Visual Re;presentation / diff.live / geodesick.

He strated dance activity from 2000, and performed dance shows in many stages.
He loves trip and dance, he traveled lots of places and parties of oversea and domestic.
He makes visuals and systems by using Max/MSP/Jitter, and performed as a visual artist in clubs and open air parties etc.

2011, He moved from Tokyo to Shiga, and opened Cafe and Guest House "NOMAD".
And he is working on VJ, making visuals, system and application development.

He joined Kouhei's "diff.live" as visual artist, he express his own visuals by his own technics. "diff.live" was grown as complete audio/visual systems.
This is not only audio to visual, it includes visual to audio. All datas are alive freely in "diff.system"...

Major Activities (includes collaboration)
"Cirque du Soleil Kooza Reception Party", "Hikyo-Sai / Unexplored-Party 2010-2011", "TREKs 2012-", "Rising Sun 2014", "gypsy progresson 2015", "Kougen 2016 / Japanese Cultural Festival", "Red Bull Music Academy MATHEW JONSON Japan Tour", "UYU 2017" etc...

Avantgarde Festival 2017

June, 23-25/2017 @ Schiphorst, Germany

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Past Gigs List.

[ Past Gigs ]

Jan, 31/2015 (SAT)@KosmosLane Studio&Gallery
-(an) arrangement(s) #010.-
SAWADA + HARADA with NOMAD, Psychedelic Desert


Apr, 26/2011 (TUE)@Next Sunday
-Chamber Music of Acoustic and Electronics vol.9-
Gargle, nacca, AFGAN (from Spain), SAWADA + HARADA with Tatsuro Iwashita


Feb, 23/2011 (WED)@Next Sunday
-Chamber Music of Acoustic & Electronics vol.8-
Che Chen + Chie Mukai, hyogen, SAWADA + HARADA with Tatsuro Iwashita.


Aug, 30/2009 (SUN)@HOKAGE (Osaka)
as Special Band "SAWADA + HARADA + psychedelic desert"


Jun, 10/2009 (Wed)@HIGH
-Joy Ride vol.49-


Feb, 17/2009@LUSH
w/ Injured Ninja (from Perth, Australia), GAGAKIRISE, Oira-Senpai, Jun Usui&Yasufumi Nagaoke


Oct, 25/2008@Komyoji-Temple
-TASOGARE vol.13-
w/ hosomi, cokiyu, psychedelic desert


SAWADA + HARADA with TSUTSUI" West JP Tour 2008
Aug, 20@OOH-LA-LA (Kyoto)
Aug, 21@BEARS (Osaka)
Aug, 24@NU THINGS (Osaka)


Aug, 6/2008@u.f.o club
w/Gutter Guitar (aka. Pex, ex. Abe Sada / from AUS), Stina (from AUS), Chris Cobilis (from AUS), Hiroyuki Otsuka (ex. shibusashirazu), mamidori


Jul, 6/2008@PenguinHouse
-shimmering - vol.1- by gargle
w/gargle, Swim, the Dipper Stove


Mar, 31/2008@Super Deluxe
-SOUNDROOM v.18- by soundroom.jp&CommuneDisc
w/Andrea Valvini (Swiss), VJ:Masato TSUTSUI, Yasufumi Suzuki(aen/CommuneDisc), hamaji junichi, Yasunori Tani, CARRE, BunITO(CommuneDisc), ando.


Jul, 27-29/2007@Schiphorst (Germany)
w/ Amal Gamal Ensemble, Antoine Chessex, Damo Suzuki, Elke Postler, Eugene Chadbourne & Jimmy Carl Black, Mickey Guitar Project, Soname, Sonic Fiction, Sunseastar, Xyramat, Zappi & James, and more...


Jun, 30/2007@PenguinHouse
w/ Abe Sada(Australia), u+uco, a qui avec Gabriel


Jun, 23/2007@SpaceIMU
-Group MK's Sound Installation-
w/ Biagio Caravano&Lorenzo Bianchi(Italy), a qui avec Gabriel


May, 26/2007@SpaceIMU
-Chamber Music of Acoustic & Electronics Vol.2-
w/ teshimotasea, videotapemusic


Feb, 03/2007@PenguinHouse
-Chamber Music of Acoustic & Electronics-
w/ gargle, a qui avec Gabriel, nakamu, stuts


Nov, 24/2006@PenguinHouse
-Sunset and Sunrise-
w/ James Blackshaw(UK), a qui avec Gabriel+Nilla+midoriyama, Junzo Suzuki, Stuts


Nov, 18/2006@Motion
-blissful blue- by gargle
w/ gargle, OVUM, rururu, anyuu-rizumu, Mikio Shuto

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SAWADA+HARADA+SASA(NOMAD) with diff.system part (2015)

SAWADA+HARADA+SASA(NOMAD) with diff.system overview (2015)

SAWADA+HARADA with Masato Tsutsui (2008)

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Shohei SASAgawa